Category: ceramics

triangle plates

Another set from the same assignment as the flower plates and the green plates. I used our good old Corelle dishes as molds for these, since I can’t throw worth a damn. I covered the plates in saran-wrap and pressed the wrinkles out as best I could, then draped thin sheets of clay over them …

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green plates

From the same ceramics class assignment as the flower plates. I used an airbrush to put the glaze on and I’m not terribly used to it, which is why the edges seem lighter– less glaze. There were some hairline cracks in this after it was bisque-fired. I was hoping the glaze would flow into them, …

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flower plates

Greenware at this stage. There’s a bowl also, but I forgot to photograph it before I took it to be fired. These are for the “dinnerware” assignment for ceramics class. We’re supposed to make four three-piece place settings; since I really don’t do well at the wheel, I asked if I could make four sets …

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