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waking up

I wasn’t sure that the hop would survive the winter outside, even in the pot. But there’s one sprout a fingerlength long, and another just starting to poke through. I guess that means I should get around to cutting the old vines down now, and figuring out a better way to support it this year. …

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in progress: garden

Several weeks ago, when Sadie had her paleontological adventure in our backyard, I planted a hop. This is not a skeletal hand holding a stick. It is a hop rhizome, or an underground section of stalk that’ll become a clone of the plant it was cut from. Hops are generally propagated from rhizomes, since only …

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Due to Chair’s being absent, Folding Stepstool will be taking you on a quick tour of the new house. Since that’s a bit of a mouthful, however, we will continue to refer to our guide as Chair. Chair believes that the logical place to start a tour is at the beginning, so here is the …

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