Author: mia

forgotten yarn

So I’ve been packing stuff up so we can move. Don’t have the new house yet, and it’s always possible that this one could fall through like the last one did, but I chose to do it in the expectation that we will be leaving to somewhere. Tip: Many recycling centers don’t take wrapping paper. …

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finished: 2010

And maybe too soon. I’m not sure. The tablecloth is still in progress. With some of our nice plates: I added a few more squares, but then I decided that I’d better weave in the ends before it got too intimidating of a task. It’s still kind of intimidating, and holding on to the needle …

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csa: october 6

Not much this week. Kale, cauliflower, spinach, green onions, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, a kohlrabi. A giant kohlrabi. That’s a full-size can of Coke. The kohlrabi is That. Big. Really, like the size of a head. Maybe not my head, but certainly a child’s head. Big enough to wear a hat. Or many hats.

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