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waking up

I wasn’t sure that the hop would survive the winter outside, even in the pot. But there’s one sprout a fingerlength long, and another just starting to poke through. I guess that means I should get around to cutting the old vines down now, and figuring out a better way to support it this year. …

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just awesome

The filename of this image, which was posted a while ago to a Ravelry group that I can’t remember the name of, is “dmcseriesv_model6a.” Some googling turned up the D.M.C. Library series, which covers all sorts of thread work from embroidery to tatting to crochet and others, most of which were published in the early …

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thrift store score

This time, from the Greenwood Wildlife thrift store: According to a tag on the back, this was “Created especially for you by members of Thrilled to Pieces Quilt Club, Lafayette, Colorado, 2005.” A second tag says “Autumn Evening Judy Kurtz Jan 2005.” Also at the thrift store: A 1980-ish electronic knitting machine. No, really.

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updates: dyes

The gorgeous magenta juice I got out of the prickly pears is no longer magenta. It’s this: I had it sitting outside on the patio to stay warm so it wouldn’t mold. It stayed beautiful for quite some time, and then overnight the color vanished. The only explanation I can think of is that it …

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in progress: garden

Several weeks ago, when Sadie had her paleontological adventure in our backyard, I planted a hop. This is not a skeletal hand holding a stick. It is a hop rhizome, or an underground section of stalk that’ll become a clone of the plant it was cut from. Hops are generally propagated from rhizomes, since only …

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