fixin’ stuff

Well, all the posts appear to have been migrated over from the old version of WordPress on the old version of the site successfully. A lot of the image links are broken, so I’ll just have to go through and fix them by hand. Eventually. I suppose if there’s something that someone really wants to see and they tell me about it, I can make that one a priority.

Also being updated is the website; it’s kind of a pain because the last time I did a site, not only was it before drag-and-drop builders, it was also before @media detected things other than screenreaders. And I really love responsive pages, because I have the worst time trying to read stuff on the phone. Even the tablet can get kind of annoying. So I want to include that functionality, but I have no idea how to code it.

But I have an Adobe subscription! So I have can use Dreamweaver, which I’ve never actually used before, but it has templates! Most of which aren’t what I want, but there’s one that’s a nice clean single-column layout with the graphics in the same place I was planning to put them, and it’s responsive. So all I should have to do is change the text and link to a different image, right?

Except it didn’t work that way. There weren’t any comments in the file, so I wasn’t always sure what a particular bit of code was doing, especially since I hadn’t written the CSS so I didn’t have a good idea of what all the classes were supposed to do. And then even though it *looked* like it was supposed to respond in a certain way, I couldn’t get it to handle the images appropriately. It wouldn’t resize or use a different image so I gave up and told it not to load them at all, but it insists on loading them anyway, just invisibly so the text still wraps around the blank spaces. It also insists on wrapping just beyond the right edge of the screen. I spent so much time fighting with it that I was thinking it would have been faster to start with a blank file.

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