the knitting machine adventure: part 1

You may remember the knitting machine that I found at the thrift store a few weeks ago. I finally found the time to lay everything out and take pictures of them; the pieces, at least. The two boxes of patterns and notes I haven’t even started to go through yet.

I originally thought this was a second machine, but it turns out that it’s a ribbing attachment.

Contents of a box marked “SK 120 Bulky.” There was no bed for this machine; I don’t know how prevalent they are or how easy it would be to buy one. Also, I have no idea what all of those things do.

Contents of a bag marked “Ribber.”

Contents of a bag marked “Main Bed.”

A selection of things best described as “pointy hooky things.” I know some are for casting-on, don’t know about the others.

I think that these are supports, but I’m not sure for what.

Miscellaneous parts.

Contents of a box of accessories.

Contents of a second box of accessories. Although the envelope says “KR-850” on it and contains extra needles, I don’t think that they’re specific to the ribber.

A third box of accessories. Again, I don’t think these are specific to any one machine, and all three will probably be consolidated.

Extra carriages. Clockwise from top left: Transfer carriage, lace carriage, no idea, linker carriage. I believe that all of these are for the Brother machine.

This color changer is supposed to be able to handle four colors. I have no idea how it works.

This is a garter bar. No idea what it’s for, but I have one.

And finally, assorted chemicals. I believe the alcohol is for cleaning (maybe?) and the lubricants are self-explanatory. The two brown bottles are freon, and I have no idea if they’re actually related to the machine in some way or just got shoved in the box.

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