thrift store score

This time, from the Greenwood Wildlife thrift store:

According to a tag on the back, this was “Created especially for you by members of Thrilled to Pieces Quilt Club, Lafayette, Colorado, 2005.” A second tag says “Autumn Evening Judy Kurtz Jan 2005.”

Also at the thrift store: A 1980-ish electronic knitting machine. No, really.

Toby checks the overhead clearance on the knitting machine.

This is a Brother KH-930 electronic knitting machine– electronic in that it has a whole 12k of RAM in which it can store patterns, and you can load up new patterns onto it by connecting it to a Tandy external floppy drive. State of the art technology, in 1980!

I originally thought that I was getting just the machine and table, but the manager said that no, it’s everything in this corner. Which was a lot– boxes of parts, boxes of patterns, more boxes of parts . . . I still haven’t been able to go through and inventory it all, but there’s a heck of a lot of stuff. Some of it seems really random, too, like the person who donated it didn’t want to go through it all and just threw everything into boxes. I feel like I didn’t just buy someone’s old machine, I bought their life.

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