Knitting & Crochet Blog Week: Day 1

Day One: 28th March. A Tale of Two Yarns.

Part of any fibre enthusiast’s hobby is an appreciation of yarn. Choose two yarns that you have either used, are in your stash or which you yearn after and capture what it is you love or loathe about them.

Yarns I don’t like is easier than yarns I do. You’d think it’d be the other way around, but there are far more yarns in my “would use again if I happened to have it” category than there are in my “I’ll never use anything else but this” category. Actually, there aren’t any in the second.

Yarns I don’t want to use again, though? Several, but the two I’ll never use again are Red Heart Baby Clouds and Lion Brand Homespun.

As Lion Brand’s site says: “Soft, silky and beautiful! A uniquely textured yarn that works up quickly and easily. From shawls to sweaters to throws, this yarn can’t be beat for softness and sheer touch-ability. With solids, heathers, and beautiful self-striping “painterly” colors, Homespun comes in gorgeous shades you’ll love.”

This is true. It is a beautiful yarn. It’s very soft and cuddly, and the skeins feel nice rubbed on your face. I found it a real pain to work with, though. Homespun is a flammé-type yarn; a loosely-spun core wrapped with thread. When I crocheted with it, the core ended up sliding along the thread until I had a stretched-out section of nearly parallel core-and-thread, and a section of core that was so bunched up along the thread it looked like a stack of tires. It may be fine for knitting, or for people who don’t crochet with the yarn held as tightly as I do.

As for the Red Heart . . . there’s not a heck of a lot I can say about it, since my feelings against it aren’t nearly as strong as for the Homespun. It felt slick and slightly greasy, not nearly as soft as the Homespun despite being sold for baby items. It was very hard to see the stitches, and got caught on the hook. It squeaked.

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    • mia

      I do like to squeeze a skein of Malabrigo. Never used it, though– it’s a little expensive for me to get more than one or two skeins, but I can’t think of what I’d make with just a small amount since I don’t wear hats or scarves as accessories. :)

  1. adelheid_p

    I had no problem crocheting with Lion Brand’s Homespun. I have knitted one shawl with it and I want to make one for myself and then I won’t be knitting it again.

    • mia

      I know other people who’ve crocheted or knitted with it and been happy, it’s just not for me. If I’m going to use one of Lion’s bulkies, I’d rather have the Wool-Ease Thick ‘n Quick.

  2. Annie B.

    Hi Mia,

    I haven’t used homespun for crochet but I did knit with it and I wasn’t impressed. It’s hard to hold on to and I didn’t at all care for what I can only describe as coiling. It was just strange. If you drop a stitch, forget about finding it. I was inexperienced at the time but I won’t try it again. I crochet too and can’t imagine trying to wrangle that over a hook.

    I enjoyed your post. Thanks,

    Annie B.

  3. RiA

    I made 2 knit projects in my early years knitting with Homespun. I don’t think the trouble I had was with my inexperience though. I’m a tight knitter- maybe looser knitters like it?


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