It’s always amused me the amount of spam I get that says something along the lines of “i love ur theme/design/scheme/colors, where can i get it/r u sellin it?” If I had a custom theme I might be flattered, but I know they’re spam because a) it’s not really that awe-inspiring of a theme, and b) they have gibberish email addresses.

But in case anyone commented earlier and actually wanted to know about the current theme, it’s called Kubrick and it’s the WordPress default. So now you know. If you want it, install WordPress.

I’ve been thinking for a while that I should change it, but I haven’t been able to find anything that both does what I want and that I like. So I figured that I’d just design my own– which is not as easy as it sounds. A static webpage would be easy; I’ve done that a lot. The php parts of WordPress might be easy, but I don’t know yet– because the part where I make Apache and PHP run on my computer isn’t. I *thought* I had it working, but then I broke it. So, that’ll take a while.

But I did finish something; one cone of yarn.

This is approximately 14oz or 400g of 3/2 pearl cotton; that’s 1102 yards/1016 meters. Nowhere near large enough, but it’s getting there. I’ll need at least two more cones.

I also need to decide how I want the cloth to hang on the table. The pattern appears to want the pointed end to hang off the corner like this, but I think I like it better hanging off the end.

I have another cone, but I might put this aside for a while. I don’t want it to get too much larger while there’s so many ends to weave in, but I haven’t figured out which box my large needles got to yet.

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