I call this one “Clash of the Decorators”

One of these is going to leave, and it’s not going to be my table.


  1. Ellen Rosen

    Is this your new house??? The Chandeleir is beautiful but it does not really go with you table set. Look around your house and see if you can put it somewhere else, can you send me your address

  2. Mia Karen Sherman

    Rebecca: Do you want it? It’s not crystal– the globes and cups are glass, and the drops and structure are plastic. I was going to give it to Habitat when I get a new one, but I can send it to a friend instead. :)

    Ellen: There’s really nowhere else to put the chandelier, and I don’t like it that much anyway. It’ll serve until I get a new one.

  3. Rebecca Ewing

    Normally I would say a joyful “yes” but I am in the midst of downsizing before I move next week. I’m determined to leave here with at least 40% less than I came in with (50% if I remain focused and ruthless), so nothing new for me right now except a shower head and tub mat. Thanks for the offer, though :-)


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