Due to Chair’s being absent, Folding Stepstool will be taking you on a quick tour of the new house. Since that’s a bit of a mouthful, however, we will continue to refer to our guide as Chair.

Chair believes that the logical place to start a tour is at the beginning, so here is the front of the house. Please ignore the man playing with the lamppos; we believe he is pretending to be in Narnia. Also please ignore Car, who is just taking advantage of the nice day to get some sun.

The front room of the house faces westish. Chair enjoys the afternoon sunlight coming in through the windows, except when the nice-yet-boring curtains are closed to keep in the heat during subzero temperatures.

Chair finds the kitchen small, yet cozy. But really, anything that’s larger than the previous kitchen is an upgrade. We believe that one is supposed to put a breakfast table under that chandelier, but have no plans to do so. We also believe that Chandelier is displeased with the change of ownership of the house, because it has attacked several people already.

Below the kitchen is what we shall be calling the Fireplace Room. It has a fireplace in it. There’s not much more to say about that.

Chair is still in the kitchen, keeping Chandelier from attacking the unwary. The door to the left leads out to the sun room, but we shall be taking the door to the right, which leads to the basement.

In the basement, Chair hangs with its cousins at the bar.

Chair calls this space the “man cave,” but it has also been called the “D&D cave,” “poker cave,” and “craft room. For now, “cave” will do.

A typewriter formerly occupied this desk. Chair isn’t sure what will go here now, but at the moment this is the “server room.”

Moving back upstairs, we follow Chair into the sun room. An addition to the house, this is not quite as warm as the inside. One assumes that when the sun comes out, it’ll warm up.

Chair makes a chair angel in the scant amount of snow left in the yard. This picture is a few days old.

The back of the house.


  1. annalyn greer

    very clever….and you will learn to love the sunroom. Congratulations on your new place. Would that snow angel happen to be a “chair-ub”?


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