finished: 2010

And maybe too soon. I’m not sure.

The tablecloth is still in progress. With some of our nice plates:

I added a few more squares, but then I decided that I’d better weave in the ends before it got too intimidating of a task. It’s still kind of intimidating, and holding on to the needle makes my hand hurt so I can’t do it for too long, but I know that if I leave it until the very end it’ll never get done.

I know this because I have several other pieces that are in the stage of done-except-for-the-trailing-ends and have been for quite some time. Years, in fact. I really, really dislike weaving in ends.

The rabbit restoration proceeds, if slowly. I’ve gotten the pieces scanned in and new lines drawn in along the edges, and most of the text that’s written on the pattern pieces. I seem to have lost the pink paper, though; fortunately, I got those directions typed in before I did so. I’ll take the whole set down to my parents’ over the weekend and see if my mother can figure out what the stuff I can’t read says.

For everything else . . . nothing’s really changed. It’s either unfinished or unstarted, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. I’d like to do more spinning next year, and there’s likely to be a good amount of general house-related things to do given that we’re buying a house. But right now, I’m finishing off a bowl of ice cream and watching Dirty Jobs on the tivo. So it’s pretty good, all told.

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