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In the past . . . month, it looks like, I did finish a few things; mainly the semester, and deliveries from the CSA. Which just means that now I have no excuse not to start other things, like cleaning up our house so we can move.

I’ll spare you the horror of providing a picture of the mess.

Of course, we don’t have a new place to go yet– that’s the other work-in-progress. We found one and put in an offer, but it seems like anything less than their asking price is a grievious insult so they didn’t even bother to respond. We just don’t value the house they grew up in as much as they do, I guess. (No one else does, either. It’s been on the market for seven months at a price that’s unreasonably high for the neighborhood and size.)

No skin off my back, though. I hope they find someone crazy enough to pay their asking price, though I really doubt it. If we had that much money to drop on a house, we’d be looking at much bigger houses. Like, at least half again as large.

But I figure it can’t hurt to start cleaning up anyway, because it’ll make the actual packing and moving easier, and it needs to be done.

Of course, I’ve also got the tablecloth to distract me, as well as several gallons of stock from the carcasses of the Thanksgiving turkeys. I have no lack of things to do.


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