in progress: . . . something

Front and side views of what was supposed to be a miniature octopus. He’s about four inches tall, and a little under two wide. Kind of looks like an evil sperm right now.

He’s much cuter with BIG HUGE ANIME KITTY eyes. Really, really cute.

But suddenly, once he has eye capsules he’s not so cute anymore. Kind of menacing, actually. He’s like a spawn of Cthulhu, or a fetal Mon Calamari.

But to be fair, I think that most things with tentacles look like Cthulhu, and most things with bulging eyes look like Admiral Ackbar. I’m not strong enough to repel pop-culture references of that magnitude.

The size for this one is limited, so there’s not really much more I can do to make it look less Ackbarithulian. I tried putting a crest on but then he looked like Zoidberg, and I’m afraid that side fins would be too fragile. I just can’t win.

So I think I’ll just roll with it. I wonder if I can give him a beak.

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  1. liz

    Hi, Mia,
    found you via a thread on Ravelry, about comments train…
    amazing, you make ceramics, wow, I must show this octopus to my daughter, she’s studying art at school and is always looking out for inspiration!
    liked your posts about carrot soup and dill etc too, I find carrot soup a funny texture too….


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