finished: octopus

As I hoped, the low-fire glazes got brighter after being fired. And darker. Whatever they were to start with, they just got more. I was hoping the blue would turn out brighter, but this is okay. I just hope he looks as good on my sister-in-law’s wall.

Not bad for something that was actually supposed to be raku. I think there will have to be another raku octopus in the future, though.

Octopus’ spots let him hide in plain sight.

For more finished objects of a softer nature, head over to FO Friday at Tami’s Amis.


    • mia

      I can be persuaded to make one for you, but it’ll take time. I won’t be able to do it until after semester, and I’m really slow anyway. :)

    • mia

      He’s just sitting in our living room right now. I can drop him off on Thursday after class or send him in to IBG to wait for you, just let me know.


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