in progress: pattern restoration

Octopus is on the firing rack, other ceramics pieces aren’t in photographable condition (and it’s late anyway), and even though I took a picture of the table cloth earlier, I got distracted by dinner and the mouse and didn’t get it off the camera. But I do have this:

These scraps of paper are a sewing pattern.

Well, the newspaper pieces are. The pink piece with the very faded writing is the directions. (Did you know pencil could fade? I didn’t.) The date on the large piece is June 13, 1981, and Ronald and Nancy Reagan are in the picture. Some other people too, but I don’t know who they are– at least I remember the Reagans. Barely.

These, and a set of smaller pieces not photographed, are for anthro bunnies made from socks. They don’t look like sock monkeys with long ears, though– they’re columnar, legless, and they wear clothes. I can’t really describe it better than that. I think there may be some bunnypeople at my parents’ house; next time I go down I’ll try and find one to photograph.

I have no idea where this pattern is originally from. The pink is in my mother’s handwriting, as are the directions on the newspaper pieces, and it seems copied from somewhere else. I assume from my grandmother, since I remember her making sock bunnies when I was a kid. But where she got the pattern from, I have no idea. The newspaper? A magazine? The brain of one of the Venerable Aunties of Grantsville? I suspect that not even the Shadow knows.

Anyway. I want to make a sock bunny. But I don’t really want to use these pieces because they’re old and I don’t want to destroy them, and after looking at both the large and small sets I suspect that some pieces may be missing.

Fortunately, I have a scanner. It’s old and clunky, but this doesn’t exactly require hi-res images. And I have my mother, who can hopefully remember it well enough to tell me what “(illegible) the (illegible) tog w/ (illegible)” means. It’s her handwriting, after all.

So, project: after I finish everything for class and probably after finals, but hopefully before the year ends (or the next one gets too far along) I’ll have figured it out and made a sock bunny.

I know I’m getting in a little late here, but it’s still Wednesday. To check up on others’ works-in-progress, head on over to WIP Wednesday at Tami’s Amis


  1. katili

    That is so cool! I wish I had patterns for the things my grandmother used to sew, but I’m pretty sure she improvised everything. It’s the same thing with her recipes. So much knowledge will be lost when she leaves us :(

  2. Karen

    This is your aunt Karen. I think that I know the answer. I recall that the sock bunnies originally came from the Mormon Handicraft shop in SLC. The original had a little pink gingham check dress. In the days when I was in college and for many years after, they had a hand crafts store that sold locally made things. My mom-your grandmother-was very good at figuring out how things were made and replicating them. I have/made a pattern for the Sunbonnet Sue dishtowels that Mom liked to make, which also came from Mormon Handicrafts. I owe you a set.


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