in progess: more octopus

Well, we’re back from Texas. It was 80F and sticky there, and up here it’s 50ish and windy. I hear there was even snow in the mountains, although I didn’t see any down here.

Octopus sat on the table the whole time we were gone, but I put the finishing touches on him a few days ago. He still counts as “in progress,” though, because he needs to go back in the kiln. He should turn out a little brighter and shinier after he’s fired.

Should. I’m not really sure, since this is an Experiment. I’ve never used low-fire glazes before, so I’m just muddling along based on info from the labels on the bottles. Info like, “Shake well. Apply 1 coat for translucent color or 2 or more for solid coverage,” which is not terribly helpful for someone like me, who’s never taken any sort of painting class and so doesn’t have any skills beyond “dip brush into paint and poke it at things.” The last thing I painted was the calacas, which I admit are kind of crude.

So we’ll see how this comes out. If it looks really awful and the intended doesn’t want it, I’ll make another one.

Blue-ringed octopus. I stole this pic from the Beeb.

I really doubt my Octopus will look as cool this one. But we can hope!

I don’t have any yarn progress to show, since I’ve been working on school stuff almost exclusively. I did a little bit on the lace tablecloth while I was in Texas, but as it’s not substantially larger than it was before, I didn’t think it needed a new picture taken. :)

To see what other crafting crewmates are up to, visit the WIP Wednesday page over at Tami’s Amis.


  1. Shannon

    Your octopus is really coming along. I usually visit WIP Wednesday posts for the knitting, but I’m really glad I’ve been able to see your progress too. Now I can’t wait to see it after it is fired!


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