csa: october 6

Not much this week. Kale, cauliflower, spinach, green onions, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, a kohlrabi. A giant kohlrabi.

That’s a full-size can of Coke. The kohlrabi is That. Big. Really, like the size of a head. Maybe not my head, but certainly a child’s head. Big enough to wear a hat.

Or many hats.

Kohlrabi is a fan of the Rockies, and hopes they make it to the postseason next year.

Kohlrabi is also a member of the Colbert Nation. Kohlbert Nation?

. . . she wore a kohlrabi beret /
the kind you buy at the Salt Lake City 2002 Team USA store . . .

I know, I’ll never make it in the songwriting business. Neither will kohlrabi.

Speaking of nations, kohlrabi loves our neighbors to the north too.

And Brits too, particularly musicians. All kohlrabi needs now is a pair of round-lens glasses to complete the look.

Kohlrabi also likes Australians. ‘Mi right, mate?

But kohlrabi is here at the foot of the Rockies, where winter is coming. Kohlrabi is ready for ski season!


    • mia

      I’d heard of them, but never seen or eaten one until we got one from the CSA. I haven’t cooked it yet, but it’s quite good raw; tastes like a broccoli stem.


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