csa: september 29

Cabbage, green onion, peppers, beet, kohlrabi, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, lettuce. Barely seen: lots of cilantro and parsley.

What does one do with lots of parsley? Make tabbouleh!

I’ve had some tabboulehs that were mostly parsley with a few other things, and some that were mostly bulgur with a few other things. I like the bulgur-based ones, myself– this one is a little bit too parsley-sided for me, but it used up all the parsley we got as well as all of the bulgur that was hanging around in the cupboard. It also has tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, and lemon juice. It’s a little dry, and needs a little more oomph of some sort. Maybe cumin.

These are not CSA plums. They’re plums from the tree of a co-worker of our CSA host, who apparently had been bringing plums into work for so long that the other people at work were tired of plums. So, the plums were donated to our host to pass on to her members.

Nice freestone plums, cut in half. Freestone fruits are so much nicer than clingstone.

I quartered the halves, and mixed them with a cream-cheese clafouti recipe from one of the recipe-aggregation sites; can’t remember which one. I thought my cream cheese was room temperature, but it disagreed– that’s why there’s little flecks of cream cheese all over. It didn’t make a difference in the end.

The plums were slightly tart when raw, but they mellowed out to make little bursts of sweetness in the fairly plain batter. And it looks a lot better than the last donated-fruit cake did– quite possibly because I used the real oven to cook it, instead of the unreliable and very-temperature-gradiated toasteroven.

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