csa: september 22

I know. It’s October. And I’m posting about two-week-old food. At least it still looks tasty.

Lettuce, kale, potatoes, peppers, corn, cilantro, parsley, cabbage, daikon. I think there’s a kohlrabi in there somewhere too.

Yeah. Daikon. What the heck am I supposed to do with a daikon? I don’t like radishes, but these are supposed to be milder. At a loss, and not really wanting to make anything like tempura with daikon dipping sauce or miso soup with daikon garnish (neither of which would use anywhere near a whole daikon), I shredded it with some carrots and kohlrabi and dressed it with a little rice vinegar and sesame oil.

J ate it. I did not, having discovered that I don’t really like daikon either, at least not in salads with vinegar. It’s the smell.

Far better are lentils with cucumbers and feta and more of last week’s dill. And yet– every one say it with me now– there’s still more dill in the fridge. I swear it breeds in the dark.


  1. MayaB

    Well you learn as long as you live, at least now you know for sure: You don’t like daikon. The feta lentils spread looks delicious though, so I probably share your taste in veggie food.


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