carrots and cucumbers

We started getting carrots from the CSA a few weeks ago– not very large, but tender and sweet. Good snacking carrots, even if there weren’t that many of them. But what we didn’t get in carrots, we got in dill. Lots of dill.

Fortunately, cookable carrots are cheap at the grocery store, so I made carrot-dill soup.

I liked the flavor, but not the texture. It ended up to be very finely chopped carrots suspended in broth, so it had a tendency to separate and felt weird in my mouth. I’m not sure how to fix that; maybe if I pulled the solids out and whirled them in the big blender instead of using the immersion stick, I could get a real puree.

I liked the cucumber-and-horseradish salad (with csa cucumbers!) much better. It went very well with the smoked salmon J’s brother made.

Despite putting lots of dill in each, there’s still dill in the fridge.

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