a csa catchup

This is actually a csa loot from last month. I’m really behind. Among other things, there’s a kohlrabi in there, up in the top left corner.

Let’s talk about that kohlrabi.

This one has fronds. It is freaky. And it escaped.

I bet you didn’t know kohlrabi were into cattle rustling. J and I were just driving around one night and we spotted this event, this heist-in-progress. Fortunately, there was a camera in the glove box. Unfortunately, the kohlrabi noticed us and abandoned the cows to come racing across the field after us. Perhaps it heard about the fate of the previous one we met. Fortunately, we had some reusable grocery bags in the trunk and managed to fling one over it and wrestle the kohlrabi to the ground.

It was tasty, but I liked the peanut dressing we ate its fellow with better.

And then there were the beets.

You may have noticed the two large brownish-red objects lurking in the center. Two extremely large brownish-red objects.


But not just ordinary beets. They’re the thugs of the beet world. At first I was afraid to carry these beets around, because I might get accused of having a concealed weapon. But then I thought, well, at least no one will mess with me while I’ve got these things on me.

Because when you see a lone woman walking through the parking lot carrying a beet the size of a baby’s head, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky?

And then you ask the beet, Do you look tasty? Well, do you, beet?

Yes. You do. Especially with horseradish and capers. The lurid magenta color is just the last revenge of the tasty giant beet.


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