Several weeks ago, I tripped over the power brick to one of our laptops and hurt my toe. It wasn’t officially broken (that is, nothing on x-ray), but it changed size, shape, and color and was very hard to walk on. I didn’t feel like doing anything for a while after that, even if it only involved sitting on the couch.

And then I started classes again, and the ceramics teacher told us that instead of him giving out a project list this semester, we had to submit ideas– things we wanted to make, or techniques we wanted to try– and then work with him to create a project list from that.

And my first thought was, “. . . you’re asking me to think for myself???? I don’t know if I can do that.”

(Don’t worry, it’s just the advanced students that have to do their own thinking. The beginning classes have more regular assignments.)

But I managed to do it, with a little help from family and Facebook, but that just means I have to do stuff now instead of futz around on the internet. And then I whacked my other foot into the doorframe. And then I got sniffly. And then we had this thing with the fire.

So I haven’t blogged about anything. But I’ve taken pictures of things, and they keep piling up . . . and then I look at the amount of raw photos that need to be sized and cropped and adjusted, and I find something else to do. Like laundry. Or dishes.

I mean to get caught up, and it may come in a few posts with lots of stuff in. But I also have to read a chapter about . . . something. Children.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of me with a fennel on my head:

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