in progress: crochet lace tablecloth

I don’t really like to post things that aren’t finished, but considering how slowly I work, if I waited until everything was done and pretty to post about it, I’d probably never post anything that wasn’t about food.

So, progress photo:


I did part of this while watching a Rockies game, and about half at the Mile High Blues Festival on Sunday, where someone actually came up to me and said (well, shouted) that it was beautiful.

Which made me feel good. It’s one thing to have people ooh and aah over something at a guild meeting, and of course J is supposed to tell me that everything I make is the coolest thing he’s ever seen. I’ve never had a complete stranger compliment me on my work, though.

Music festivals, except maybe the ones in Austin, are great places to do some handwork. You’re mostly sitting around anyway (although I’ve been known to crochet while walking), and unlike the symphony there’s usually a lot of light and no one will get upset that you’re not sitting quietly with your hands in your lap and staring raptly at the stage.

Anyway. This is our dining room table:

It also happens to be the the largest flat surface in the house other than the floor, and since I no longer feel like crawling around on the floor to do things like cut fabric or arrange pieces, it gets drafted into providing tablespace for lots of other things so it’s usually covered by a fuzzy-backed plastic tablecloth; that green-and-white checked thing in many of the food photos, in fact.

But I wanted a nice tablecloth, for the rare occasions when Other People eat at our house, but not one that hides the table. What’s the point of having a nice table if no one ever sees it? And I’m cheap– and I had a large cone of 3/2 pearl cotton– so I decided to make one. And here it is, or at least part of it.

The pattern is Governor’s Lady, from a series of thread-crochet leaflets from the 1940s.

Ravelry project page.


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