csa loot: 21 july

Lettuce, peas, kale, green onions, baby beets, yellow squash, zucchini.

And these things, which took a while to be identified. They look like beets, but since we haven’t gotten any beets so far that are this large, this clean, or this greenless I wasn’t entirely sure.

But they’re not rutabegas or turnips or gigantic radishes or any other root vegetable that I could think of. They are, in fact, beets.

Sliced through they have a nice red-and-white interior, which the internet tells me makes them Chioggia beets from, well, Chioggia in Italy.

I’ve never seen any food happier to be roasted and sliced on a plate.

We ate these with thin slices of feta on top, kind of like a caprese but without the basil. Or the mozzarella. Or the tomatoes. They seem a little sweeter than red beets.

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