the Rabbi’s Pickles

A few Sundays ago we went to the Boulder Jewish Festival down on Pearl Street.

Mostly, I just wanted to get out of the house on a nice day, since we hadn’t had many of those. And I figured that my dad at least would go with me, but I wasn’t sure how to get J and my mother to go along.

I told them that there would be Judaic arts and crafts, and there was little enthusiasm.

I told them that there would be Jewish food both kosher and non, and there was little enthusiasm.

I told them that Rabbi Pickle would be there teaching people to make, well, pickles.


These are the pickles J and I made, following the Rabbi’s recipe. There’s no vinegar, only salt and water and garlic and spices, so they have to stay in the fridge. We started them on a Wednesday and they were ready by Saturday but by Monday they’d gone beyond the half-sour stage and were too sharp for me, so I think next time we’ll use half as many cucumbers so they get eaten faster.

I also think they need a little more garlic and a little more dill, so it needs some experimenting.

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