triangle plates

Another set from the same assignment as the flower plates and the green plates.

I used our good old Corelle dishes as molds for these, since I can’t throw worth a damn. I covered the plates in saran-wrap and pressed the wrinkles out as best I could, then draped thin sheets of clay over them and molded them down. After they dried out a bit, I took them off, carved them into the triangle-ish shapes, and smoothed out whatever creases were left from the saran.

I free-handed the trimming on this one, which is why it’s kind of lumpy and irregular. The smoothing took a lot of clay off and all the pieces are very thin, but only this one cracked during firing.

I marked out the points and drew little guidelines on this one and the next before trimming it, so it looks better to me. It’s not perfectly even in the placement and sizes of the points or the curves between them, but it’s not as off as the big plate.

There’s only three glazes on these; the red, the white, and the brown. The other sections are where those glazes overlap. I put a little pencil dot in the center of each piece and dipped each corner into a glaze bucket up to the dot, then let it dry before dipping another corner into another bucket. I’m not keen on the red-white or red-brown overlaps, but I like the way the brown-white came out with the little dots. It kind of reminds me of our old Brittany spaniels.

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