green plates

From the same ceramics class assignment as the flower plates. I used an airbrush to put the glaze on and I’m not terribly used to it, which is why the edges seem lighter– less glaze.

There were some hairline cracks in this after it was bisque-fired. I was hoping the glaze would flow into them, but perhaps I didn’t spray it on thick enough.

I’m not as keen on the mid-sized one. I should have made it smooth-edged like the platter, and a smaller oval instead of squarish. It’s also wobbly.

The bowl came out okay, though.

The green glaze is actually a mix of lots of different glazes– basically, to clean out the airbrush you spray water through it until it runs clear, and you might as well use that water to rinse down the spray booth walls at the same time. It all runs out through a funnel and into a bucket, and that gets turned into Mystery Glaze, different every semester.

The undersides of all the pieces are just black, though.


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